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Deadpool Review

by on July 3, 2013

Developer: High Moon Studios    Publisher: Activision     Rated: M for Mature
Systems: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC   MSRP: 49.99 Console, 39.99 PC

 By Chris Medrano

Warning contains spoilers for Deadpool game

When I first heard about the Deadpool game and saw the trailer, I thought the game looks amazing and fun. Then again trailers can be epic, and then the game comes out to be the opposite of what was shown. Plus I was kind of worried when I saw that it was fifty dollars because a lower price meant less confidence in the game by the publisher. However, after I played it I was glad to be proven wrong. Now, I did not know that much about Deadpool before playing this game aside that he had two swords and couldn’t die. This is a game that is for Deadpool fans, but you do not need to know much about him to enjoy the game.

The story is simple and funny; you start in Deadpool’s apartment where you can mess with his junk like sleeping on the couch, petting your dog, and making pancakes. Then Deadpool gets the script for his game and starts going through editing it to make “his” game funny. The main story has Deadpool go after a guy for a contract, when things go awry because Sinister kills him. Deadpool then decides to go after Sinister to get revenge and save the world. You also meet other characters like Wolverine, Rogue, Cable, and many more from the X-Men universe. Since one of the game’s selling points was its humor, are all the jokes funny? No, some of them fail or fall flat but that is just a few. Most of the jokes are funny and you will have a good time.

Gameplay wise there are some fun parts that are different like when a top down level reminiscent of the NES version of the Legend of Zelda and you have to get the key. Another part was when you lose your arm and your heads twisted so the controls are backwards. In the end, the game does not take itself serious and that’s the point; it is supposed to be fun, over the top, and have you laughing until the end.

Combat starts you off with the Deadpool’s signature swords for melee and pistols for guns. Throughout the campaign you can unlock more weapons like the Sais, hammers, shotguns, machine guns, and pulse rifle. You can upgrade your abilities and weapons for more damage and combos by collecting DP (Deadpool points). Now this upgrade system is not perfect but it is good. The only real issue I had was that teleporting and countering were both mapped to the B button. In moments I would counter when I want to teleport and would die, and at times I would want to counter and instead teleport. Other times you could teleport, only to get stuck on something not leveled or blocking you to allow enemies to catch you. It is not too bad and you get used to it, but after playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance earlier this year, the combat in Deadpool never surpasses being “good”.

The game also has a Challenge Mode that requires you to beat a certain amount of enemies within a certain time limit on several different maps. You work your way up in difficulty starting at bronze, to silver, then gold. Beating all three difficulties unlocks “infinity mode” where you see how long you can fight. There are also some mini games from the campaign like the carnival ride to see how many points you can get. It’s not bad but you might get bored after you have played a few rounds since all you do is fight waves of enemies. The issue I have with Challenge Mode is when you unlock Infinity Mode for a map you get a new costume but only play it infinity mode on that map. I would have liked to unlock the costumes for campaign to have a little fun when I played it again.

Is Deadpool worth your hard earned money? I would say yes and no; it is a lot of fun and if you are a fan of Deadpool or comics you will enjoy this game. If you are not and still thinking about it wait. Even though it’s a little cheaper than normal games at fifty dollars, you might be finish it in a few days because the campaign is only about 7 hours long and the challenge maps can get kind of old fast unless you try to get all of the achievements/trophies. For now just rent it or wait a few weeks when it probably will go on sale for thirty to forty dollars  Overall, that’s what I think of Deadpool; it’s a lot of fun but not enough to keep you entertained for a long time. Thanks for reading OLIVE JUICE!!!

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