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Call of Duty: A Look Back at the Longest Virtual Tour of Duty

by on October 14, 2014


Call of Duty… In this day and age it’s a phrase synonymous with gaming. But what that means exactly will vary from person to person. To some gamers it’s a beloved franchise. To other gamers it’s a cancer to the gaming industry. Meanwhile those who do not play video games will have likely heard about its mere existence thanks to the numerous marketing blitzes and appearances in pop culture media such as films and television shows. Regardless of connotation, one thing is perfectly clear. Call of Duty is an entertainment powerhouse raking in billions of dollars and drawing in more than 100 million players around the world over the course of its lifetime, and the franchise is still going forward to this day with no clear end in sight. What started as one of many games Activision published in 2003 would go on to quickly rise up as company’s flagship product. And it all started with an unknown studio named Infinity Ward….

Check in weekly starting this Friday* as Last Token Gaming presents a series of articles looking back at the legacy of one of the longest running war game series in video game history as each title is examined and retrospectively reviewed for what it brought to the franchise, and in some cases, to gaming as a whole. This series will start off with the original Call of Duty, and slowly work its way up through the ladder eventually leading up to our review of the latest title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. From the hedgerows of 20th century France to the vastness of space in the 21st, pull a seat and get set for one hell of a history lesson…

Edit: While originally slated for a Friday release, the first part of our Call of Duty retrospective series will be released on Saturday October 18th.

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