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What We’re Playing This Week

by on November 2, 2014

By the Last Token Gaming Staff


Marshall Garvey: While I dressed up as the Angry Video Game Nerd this Halloween (complete with a 12-pack of Rolling Rock), I ended up not playing any terrible games. For a genuine Halloween scare, I popped Dead Space back into the 360. I had put it aside after getting stuck on the part where you have to dislodge that goddamn asteroid in zero gravity, but finally managed to finish that so I’m set to cruise through the rest of the game. And by “cruise” I mean “repeatedly pause and collect myself in anticipation of inevitable jump scares that I know are coming but will still get me anyway.” In a nutshell, I think that’s why it’s one of the scariest games ever made. Not surprisingly, it will be inducted into the Last Token Gaming Hall of Fame in the future.

Ryan Goddard: 

I’ve been playing lots of Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, and Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive:  Oh man, where do I start? Pretty fast paced. A little repetitive. All sorts of fun. It definitely scratches that Jet Grind Radio itch I’ve had for so long. The comedy isn’t for everyone. Many will wish for a censoring option, and the good news for those people is that there is one.

The Evil Within: Despite a few technical issues, I get the old Resident Evil feeling all over again. Well, without the tank controls. Most of the reviewers out there love it. Some hate it. Put me in the love it group. It’s awesome fun, take it for what it is.

Alien: Isolation: To say this game is fun puts it in the wrong category. The fear factor is crazy, as you’re always afraid of getting mauled at any given time. The atmosphere is dark and terrifying. No matter what platform you have, you have to get this game. It is an experience you will never forget.

Terry Randolph:

Darn you Cameron, you’ve got me hooked to Fantasy Life! I am thoroughly enjoying this game; there’s plenty to explore, quests and challenges to take on, let alone several lives (aka classes) for you to explore, that it really becomes your story. Other than that, been playing a lot of Forza 5 since Drive Club just isn’t living up to what I expected it to be. I’m also really getting into Sunset Overdrive as well as Alien: Isolation this weekend. Sunset Overdrive has been a lot of fun so far in its self-aware, carefree style of presentation. I only hope it doesn’t get old fast.

Patrick-James Reyes:

Great googly moogly my CoD spree is finally nearing an end, but I have one major huddle ahead of me, and that’s trying to get through Call of Duty 4-10. Immediately after that come Tuesday next week I’ll be knees deep in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It’s way too much CoD though the completion of all these games will signify the end to my retrospective series and a possible video I’ll drop next Monday…but I do it for you dear viewer…I’m doing all this for you…

Michael Mygind:

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Money Idol Exchanger, an addicting puzzle import on the Gameboy and port of a Japanese Neo Geo arcade game. Also, I recently received my end of a trade from a good buddy that has been on my NES want list for a long time, Fire ‘N Ice.  That’ll definitely be on the playlist along with some recommended imports for a future piece that I’ll be working on.


Michael Ros:

It’s been exactly three weeks since Miku Expo in Los Angeles as of this writing and I’m still high on Hatsune Miku! The concert fronted by Japan’s virtual songstress was an experience unlike any other. (That is, until next year’s Miku Expo is announced!)

Everything else has gone on the backburner as I dive into the insanity of Japanese rhythm games with Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, the first in the series to see a North American release. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any rhythm games, the last one I can remember being Rock Band 2. However, instead of clicking a plastic guitar like I’m used to, instead I’ll be button-mashing like a maniac! Indeed, Japanese rhythm games require a lot more precision than the rhythm games I’m used to. Your timing must be meticulous and absolute. Add onto that the fact that simply reaching the end of the song isn’t enough to merit a success, and I’m in for one hell of a ride. Possibly the only thing harder than the game itself is getting Miku to sing. I’ve tinkered around with the Vocaloid software for quite a while now and I’m still baffled as to how someone could get her to sound as realistic as this whilst still maintaining the characteristics of her signature cutesy tone.

Regardless, I am super-hyped as I dive further into this unusual phenomenon, working towards ultimately becoming a participant in this community and contributing my own Vocaloid songs for my fellow Miku fans to enjoy.

Jake Rushing:

I’m taking a break from playing Hyrule Warriors after facing some tough missions. So I figured I’ll try to finish Super Mario 3D World. Once I’m finished with that, I’ll finish up Clock Tower and get the remaining endings (3 out of 9). Since I went to the Day Of The Devs event in San Francisco, I’ve been inspired to finish Five Nights at Freddy’s and start playing Transistor. I also picked up the Early Access key of Spy Party so I’ll check that out! I played this game at last year’s Day Of The Devs event and I had a fun time with it!

Sean Willis:

More Trove, seriously I’m having too much fun with it despite how much grinding there is. Free to play MMO’s…what can ya do but at least it can be pretty fun. Also getting into the old DOS game Realms of the Haunting and playing around with the Mii Plaza games on my 3DS. They had a special weekend event where Nintendo Zone gave out random street pass signals. (You can actually set these up at home with a spare router, convenient.)

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