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What We’re Playing This Week – The 4th Edition

by on November 10, 2014

By the Last Token Gaming Staff


Michael Mygind – I was recently given back my old 9” Hitachi CRT TV from my parents that I used growing up. So, I’ve been having a blast playing retro games on a retro TV. I’ve also been digging through my NES library to play the classics and discover some new ones. I fought my way up to Bald Bull in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and began playing Silkworm, an awesome co-op shmup with two different vehicles. Also, expect a console review of the Neo Geo Pocket Color and LTG’s very first arcade review, Ghosts ‘N Goblins!


Terry Randolph – After having blitzed through Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I’m just playing a few games until the Master Chief Collection I still need to complete Sunset: Overdrive as well as Alien: Isolation. If I need a break from those, I’ll continue tearing up the NBA with the Sacramento Kings in NBA 2k15!

Jake RushingI just picked up Lethal League (yay for half off) so now I’ll be playing that game as a way to destress after long days at work. It’s a fun party game to play with your friends. It’s like Super Smash Bros fused with Pong. It’s a simple and fun game with it’s own set of mechanics and features and yet it can be a terrific game. Since Sonic Boom will be coming on Tuesday, I’ll be picking the game up and play it for the sake of reviewing the game for the website.

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