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Review: “Doctor Who: Legacy”

by on November 16, 2014

By Jordan Nelson

Hi there, this is Jordan with my first piece for Last Token Gaming! Today we will be reviewing the mobile game Doctor Who: Legacy, a bubble pop game with a few twists.

In Doctor Who: Legacy you build a team of one Doctor and five companions. Each Doctor and companion have a color associated with them, which determines which bubble will do damage. There are five different character colors and a sixth color that heals the team. You can build a team entirely of one color if you want, but that will render the rest of the bubbles useless. This does however lead to a bigger damage output for that one color. Enemies have resistances and weaknesses to different colors.


Characters have levels that you can gain. Each character can be assigned points into HP, Attack and Heal. Additionally, you can choose to play defensively or take the offense and be more aggressive. This, coupled with the character skills (ranging from swapping bubbles of one color to another, all the way to healing the team), adds a great variety of play. One of the other notable differences that Legacy has from other bubble pop games is that you can move the bubbles anywhere you would like, rather than just to an adjacent bubble. You are given five seconds to move the bubble you pick anywhere you want, displacing other bubbles as you go. The displacing of the other bubbles is how you can really make some great combos. The higher combo you score, the more damage or healing your team ends up doing.


The storyline is a great narrative where the Doctor attempts to close paradoxical rifts that are forming throughout his timeline. There are also special levels that are released during the current episode of Doctor Who, so you can follow along with the TV show. The sound effects leave a bit to be desired, as they are the same ones used over and over again. On top of this, a noise plays every time you move a bubble AND displace a bubble. Overall, the game is fun, but since there is a whole section of the game (the Fan Area) that is only accessible if you pay a premium fee, I would say it does seem very skewed. Once you pay for the upgrades the game becomes increasingly easier, but still feels like it gets harder and harder until you are forced to pay extra money.


This game is probably one of the most fun bubble games I have ever played. That said, I would give it a 7/10 because of the pay features and the sound effects. I recommend playing it with the sound off and your wallet mildly open.

One Comment
  1. You can play the entire game without ever spending a penny. You don’t need to use money to level up your characters, you can do it in game. Also they give away 2 of the game currency crystals free every 5 days as a bonus. You also earn more by finishing levels where you get one the first play through.

    The Fan Area is their way to support the game financially. It’s less than a cup of premium coffee in the US. And I’m told about the same in Britain.

    You don’t need it to play the game, you can do everything else for free. However, you get more crystals, there are some levels that make it easier to level up your characters, you get extra companions and other nice fun stuff. A lot of games charge you that much just to download them.

    The fan community is awesome, everyone gets together on Thursdays on Twitch to talk to the creators and they listen to us.

    You can turn off the sound in the settings.

    Sorry the thing about the money bugged me because the creators at Tiny Rebel are really, really opposed to pay to play as opposed to here’s a nice thing, pay ONCE and it’s yours forever, and if you can’t afford that, that’s okay everything else can be done for free. Even characters that are for sale in the store will ultimately drop for free in the game. You can pay if you want them early but you never, ever have to pay anything to play this game.

    Yes they are bringing in some levels you need to spend a crystal to play, but again, you get 2 every five days. So you still don’t have to pay real world money for a thing.

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